AJC webinar explores the travel market in Japan

TOKYO, January 10, 2022: The ASEAN-Japan Center (AJC) will organize a webinar on January 12 for tourism stakeholders who reside in the BIMP-EAGA cluster in Asia.

BIMP-EAGA covers tourism stakeholders in Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, known as the East ASEAN Growth Area or BIMP-EAGA. The webinar will present the latest information on the Japanese travel market and how to promote BIMP-EAGA tourism attractions in Japan.

A relatively unknown entity in regional tourism BIMP-EAGA has ties dating back to its founding in 1994 with a mandate to boost tourism development in the four participating Southeast Asian countries that were less prominent in the tourism scene. regional.

In its Vision 2025, BIMP-EAGA presents the need to strengthen five pillars: connectivity, food basket, environment, and socio-cultural & educational, and tourism.

AJC held a series of symposia focusing on the four pillars from November to December 2021 and is now hosting its Tourism Webinar to complement the Vision 2025 presentations.

The upcoming tourism webinar will feature widespread Japanese market updates and trends, such as consumer sentiment, and focus on ecotourism, one of the region’s strengths. It will also provide information on digital marketing for tourism promotion.

BIMP-EAGA Tourism Webinar

Japanese Market Outlook and Trends Post-COVID-19
Date/time: Wednesday, January 12, 2022, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Japan time) via Zoom.


Opening remarks
Kunihiko Chris Hirabayashi, Secretary General of the ASEAN-Japan Center.

Shu Kawano, Director, Second Southeast Asia Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Salinah Md Salleh, Acting Director of Department of Tourism, Brunei Darussalam/Chair of Joint BIMP-EAGA Tourism Development Cluster.

How do Japanese travelers perceive BIMP countries?

Reading Trends Across the ASEAN Travel Awareness Survey 1.
Speaker: Haruna Chinzei, Account Manager, Marketing Voice Ltd.

The new chapter of ecotourism after COVID-19

Case of Japan and beyond.
Speaker: Masaru Takayama, President, Asian Ecotourism Network.

How to attract Japanese travelers with effective digital marketing.
Speaker: Kei Shibata, Co-Founder and CEO, Venture Republic – TRAVEL jp & Trip101.

ASEAN-Japan Center.

Support organization:
BIMP-EAGA Animation Center.


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