Happy New Year from SoraNews24!

Here is a Tiger-rific 2022!

In Japan, the New Year is the most important holiday of the year. Now is the time to go home to see your family, to offer prayers and ask for blessings at temples and shrines, and to take advantage of the opportunities available to you, for you are not content to turn the calendar page, but start a whole new calendar.

At the same time, the New Year is Also the most relaxing time of the year in Japan. Sure, there’s travel involved in all these visits to relatives’ homes and shrines, but there’s a pretty solid consensus that the best way to spend the rest of the vacation is snacking, dozing, watching TV and not forcing yourself to do anything more productive than finding excuses to sit in front of the piping hot kotatsu and not making tougher decisions than whether to eat a mikan or a manju…or both , if you share our sensitivities.

So, with your permission, we’ll take the day to be lavishly lazy and charge responsibly, and if you need something to tide you over, here are some collections of our best stories from the past year.

Thank you so much everyone for reading in 2021, whether you’re a local in Japan or a foreign Japanophile with your fingers crossed that international travel will reopen soon (and if you’re in that latter group, please know that we miss you all as much as you miss Japan). We hope you’ll continue to visit SoraNews24 in 2022, and we look forward to sharing more stories from Japan with you…as soon as we’re done with our New Year’s cat/tiger nap.

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