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Japan Airlines has presented plans to launch commercial flights using electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in 2025.

The target coincides with Expo 2025 which is to take place in Osaka.

The carrier plans to offer scenic flights over the man-made island of Yumeshima, which will be the site of the Expo, as well as an air taxi service connecting the site to Kansai International Airport.

JAL said that he was selected by the Osaka Prefecture government to participate in the “Demonstration Test Towards Achieving eVTOL”, and to this end, will conduct a “Demonstration Experiment” in Osaka using helicopters.

Between November 2021 and February 2022, the carrier will carry out a series of helicopter flights over Yumeshima, in order to “study the constraints on the flight environment and on the ground installations”.

JAL said the project “will lead to the creation of a flight environment in which various aircraft can coexist.”

The group will also offer individuals virtual flights that combine “a helicopter flight landscape over Osaka with an in-flight view of eVTOL,” with a pre-and post-experience quiz.

JAL said that eVTOL “should play an active role in a wide range of areas, such as air taxi services, emergency rescue and disaster response, taking advantage of its mobility similar to that of a helicopter”.

“JAL, as a professional aviation company, aims to create a prosperous and sustainable society through safe and secure comprehensive air mobility operations,” the carrier continued.

“Using our expertise in air mobility operations, we will provide next-generation transport and mobility infrastructure that meets the needs of local communities and promote initiatives to achieve the SDGs while solving local issues in areas such as disaster response and medical care. “

Last year, Japan Airlines signed a cooperation agreement with German aircraft manufacturer Volocopter (pictured) “to promote the development of the urban air mobility industry for next-generation air transport options for passengers and cargo “.

Several airlines have unveiled plans for eVTOL fleets and services in recent months, with Virgin Atlantic partners with Bristol manufacturer Vertical Aerospace, including options to purchase up to 150 eVTOL aircraft.

Two of Brazil’s largest carriers have also announced plans for eVTOL fleets:


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