Japan increases daily entry limit to 5,000

Japan is expected to increase the daily limit for international arrivals to 5,000 people from the current 3,500, in its latest move to ease restrictions on coronaviruses.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu said the government will consider what can be done to ease restrictions further, taking into account the infection situation and vaccination rates both in Japan and abroad. .

The new entry limit will take effect on November 26. Entry restrictions were eased last week for business people, students and technical trainees. These arrivals have yet to be quarantined and tourists remain banned.

Japan reported 163 new infections on Thursday, including 20 in Tokyo. The daily count in the capital has been below 50 for more than a month.

But cases are increasing in other countries, due to infections among those vaccinated and the rapid easing of restrictions.

South Korea on Wednesday reported nearly 3,300 new cases, a daily record.

The resurgence comes as hundreds of thousands of students took their college entrance exams. Candidates who tested positive were allowed to take the exams in the hospital.

Germany also reported its highest daily tally on Thursday, more than 65,000 cases.

With preparations for the Christmas market underway in Hamburg, only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to visit places that serve food and drink.

The German government is trying to increase the vaccination rate, which remains below 70%.