Japan travel restrictions: Japan tightens restrictions as Omicron cases soar

Japan recently announced the expansion of COVID-19 restrictions to the capital city of Tokyo, as well as several other regions, as the Omicron variant of the coronavirus continued to see record numbers.

According to reports, strict restrictions are already in place in three regions, while the latest restrictions will come into effect from Friday until February 13. This was announced by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida after being briefed on the latest situation in the country by an expert. panel earlier in the day.

He added that they are already battling an unknown virus and hope they can probably overcome this situation with sufficient preparation and without excessive fear.

Reports say such a near-emergency is allowing governors to limit business activity and mobility, shortening restaurant and bar hours.

Japan reportedly added more than 32,000 new cases on Tuesday, surpassing a peak in August shortly after Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics.

Since Omicron is more contagious than previous variants, public health experts are still concerned that a wave of such cases could overwhelm the healthcare system.

Japan has declared a state of emergency four times during the pandemic and, if reports are to be believed, it has vaccinated around 80% of its population of 126 million.