Japanese lawmakers discuss foreign relations

The diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics was echoed Thursday during a discussion on the Diet in Japan. The leader of an opposition party urged the Prime Minister on Japan’s position.

Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Tamaki Yuichiro, said, “To avoid sending the wrong message to the international community that Japan tolerates human rights issues in China, Japan should also consider a diplomatic boycott.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio said: “We will fight serious human rights violations through the joint efforts of all government agencies. We will also work closely with the United States and other friends and allies to voice objections. make a decision for ourselves at the right time, taking into account various factors in a comprehensive manner and in the light of national interests. “

A member of the Komeito junior coalition party urged Kishida to continue a closer dialogue with the United States and China.

Komeito Secretary General Ishii Keiichi said: “I hope you will be heading to the United States for a summit with President Biden soon. In a time of deteriorating US-China relations, China’s military build-up, and human rights concerns, it is important that Japan hold talks. and have operational-level cooperation with China in an appropriate manner. “

Kishida said: “I will travel to the United States as soon as possible to speak with President Biden and strengthen the deterrence and capacity of the Japan-United States alliance on the basis of the relationship of trust that the two countries have. To China, we’ll say what we need to say – and urge it to act responsibly.

In the meantime, we will work together on common concerns. We aim to build constructive and stable relationships. “

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