Okayama City, Japan: Weekly Trip

Be mesmerized by the charm of Okayama

Capital of Okayama Prefecture, Okayama City is a historic and naturally beautiful destination in western Japan. Here, visitors can explore the magnificent, 16efrom Okayama Castle to the last century, savor the region’s legendary peaches and immerse yourself in folk tales of Momotaro, a boy born to a giant peach. Okayama offers an alluring blend of tradition and contemporary artistic style. This guide highlights some of the city’s must-see attractions and unique Japanese experiences.

Explore the city’s outdoor works of art

With its array of public exhibition spaces, Okayama is an art lover’s paradise. Notable artistic attractions include ready-made works of art from Peter Fischli and David Weiss, a Swiss duo who together created a hard-hitting piece called “How to Work Better”. Visitors can also experience how Liam Gillick transformed a public building into iconic art with “Faceted Development” and be surprised by Dan Graham’s eye-catching concept screen, which is on display next to the Okayama Shrine.

Enjoy Okayama’s fruits and cuisine

Okayama is one of the leaders of Japan fruit prefectures, so it’s no surprise that foodies find a lot to like here. At Urashima Honpo, a confectionery with over 80 years of history, visitors can learn about Japanese culinary traditions while making their own beautifully crafted sweets, accompanied by a traditional tea ceremony.

Time travel to the Edo era

It’s easy to connect with Okayama’s rich history. Visitors can travel to the Edo period, which ran from 1603 to 1867, by hiking the trails at Omizuen, a beautiful classic, 18egarden of the century, or visit one of the best-preserved samurai residences in Ashimori, a historic district untouched by the passage of time.

Heal your soul in a natural setting

Farm stays are a rewarding and relaxing way for visitors to immerse themselves in the traditional Japanese rural way of life. Oumi no Sato, a family farm known for its tasty white peaches, offers a variety of learning experiences, including fruit picking and mushroom hunting. The visitor can also sample local flavors at the on-site cafe and spend time at the wildlife park, home to lovable residents including goats, rabbits and turtles.