Princess Mako, boyfriend reunited on Monday

Japan’s Princess Mako is due to be reunited with boyfriend Komuro Kei for the first time in about three years on Monday, ahead of their wedding this month.

The Imperial Household agency announced that Komuro will visit the Princess and her parents, the Crown Prince and Princess Akishino on Monday morning.

Komuro recently returned from the US state of New York, where he had lived since 2018, to study law and take a bar exam.

The agency has already announced that the couple will register their marriage on October 26. The princess will lose her imperial status and become a commoner.

The agency said she would visit shrines at the Imperial Palace on Tuesday to report her marriage to her ancestors. Three days later, she is due to visit Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. She is also due to meet her grandparents, Emperor Emeritus Akihito and Empress Emeritus Michiko, who are to bid her farewell.

Princess Mako and Komuro are scheduled to hold a press conference at a Tokyo hotel on October 26 after they register their wedding. About fifty journalists, including those from foreign media, are expected.

The agency said a venue linked to the Imperial family will not be used for the press conference, as it will be held after the princess becomes a commoner.

The cost of the conference would be covered by the couple’s private money.

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