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Asus ZenUI Android Launcher -App Preview & How To use it

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The top-rated launcher on Play Store ZenUI Launcher now supports all Android mobile devices! Personalize your device the way you want it to be How to install ZenUI Lancher on Your android Mobile. ZenUI Launcher performance. Hands On Review Of Asus Launcher TO install pllz go TO https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.asus.launcher

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Text Comments (9)
Fawaz Barazi (1 year ago)
Can I Update My Asus Padfone E Launcher...Plz Answer Me
KenzieAnn Beauty (1 year ago)
Ryno Bell (2 years ago)
wtf is this guy doing? it helps to plan out each action before you record yourself plodding around all over the place during an instructional walkthrough. This is exactly why Ethiopians shouldn't have technology.
John J. Jay (2 years ago)
+Ryno Bell It also helps not to condescendingly condemn when you leave a good suggestion. Anyone can actually learn as you once did, and a lot faster if encouraged instead. ;-)
Quantum Fox (2 years ago)
I love silent reviews. Its really easy to understand what seems to be major benefits and problems.
LOOK INSIDE (2 years ago)
I'm Trying To do Like that, just needed some time and experience
LOOK INSIDE (2 years ago)
Quantum Fox (2 years ago)
+LOOK INSIDE First of all, you have your right to upload your video, and I have every right to comment. This is NOT a review. All you did was download an application, and play with it. There were no criteria or points of interest made that you reviewed. I downloaded the app myself and found a lot more in 2 minutes. Perhaps this comment will help you next time actually do a decent review.
LOOK INSIDE (2 years ago)
+Quantum Fox hey THis is not Funny

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