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Hack your friends mobile Camera in just 20 seconds - Using IP address only (by Freakii_hacks)

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Hack your friends camera to click funny pic or video recording of them front and back camera ! Maintaining the quality of the photos too. This video is uploaded to help u enjoy with friends and please don't use it for any negative purposes else the cops will be ready to knock ur door !

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Text Comments (484)
Janet N Babarinde (8 days ago)
How to hack someone's picture gallery
Ari babi (11 days ago)
application ko hide kaise kare.....? hahahahahahahahaha
David Adedokun (12 days ago)
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Ismail Mohlar (12 days ago)
However It's one thing to own a business of your own, it's another thing to have reliable business partner that are trust worthy. At some point I became super busy with a particular project I was handling and so I was hardly around to monitor ongoing activities at the art gallery I manage, my accountant decided she used that means to run some illegal biz luring two other workers in it and this went on for a while until it was brought to my notice but it was a well planned work that they hardly left a trace behind and I needed to fish them out. Was referred to two different hackers and even downloaded a spy app as well but none gave me what I wanted, almost gave up on finding out as I couldn't find proofs until someone recommended a professional hackers Chaos Computer Club so I thought I should give it a trial. OMG! It worked like magic! To cut long story short, all illegal transactions were exposed, ALL THANKS to Chaos Computer Club. if you need help you can contact them on chaostreffsagent @ gmail . com and you can also text him on +1 8 0 3 8 1 4 5 3 8 6 or whatsapp + 1 8 4 5 6 0 0 7 5 5 9
WALKER GAMING (13 days ago)
Bro how hack others
Danish Barudwale (18 days ago)
wow using just an ip address and in 20 seconds. chutiya sala
TheIronPuppy 623 (22 days ago)
I hope this works cause someone wants to see me and can
Where I Can type my friends IP adress??? It's my phones webcam and i not need my phones webcam
james laceken (24 days ago)
idiot, this is not 20 seconds
Ahsan shahzad (Decent (24 days ago)
bie applaction ko hidi be karo na
Robby Almendrez (26 days ago)
IN order for this to take effect you will install the same on someones phone this is not hacking.
Butch Coplin (27 days ago)
Not hacking
Deepak NR (28 days ago)
This is not hacking,
Griffin Clippers (28 days ago)
Why would i hack my camera phone ? 😂😂
mariamnolan9 (28 days ago)
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luiz edson pereira (6 days ago)
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Mohamed LAKRYMY (15 days ago)
luiz edson pereira hi
Swiftcyber Hacker (1 month ago)
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Jeggan smart (1 month ago)
People were realy hoping for you to use the comand prompt. Sorry to say but you suck. Your a fraud. You said that you will not tamper with the phone yet you had to use a app to get what you want you are soo cheap.
Al Barsha (1 month ago)
In marriage or relationship, I don't think there should be any kind of secret or privacy. I don’t think is nice to be keeping your phone to yourself and it been locked with a password that is not known by your wife or husband. After 10years of marriage I discovered the man I love so much started acting funny and suddenly changed his password that she has been using and always keeping his phone to himself. he is always on calls and getting his phone off is like trying to take a bone from a hungry dog? he started asking funny questions like "Why do you need to see my phone, don't you trust me" ? I told my best friend about it and she told me about a particular hacker. I contacted ( GHT ) through his email : garyadrianh @ gmail . com . I was so amazed with his work & within 3hrs my job was ready for monitoring. I was really surprised because I never thought it was possible to monitor someone’s phone without having access to the device. You can also text him +1 8 0 3 8 1 4 5 3 8 6 or whatsapp +18456007559
Jaikumar S (1 month ago)
I tried..but I can't reach that IP address. Wat was the pblm
Mathias Faltas (1 month ago)
Whats your email and Skype or messenger
Giullyano Rocha (1 month ago)
This is BS
RCP (1 month ago)
this is not hacking. 👎👎👎👎👎
Therrmal (1 month ago)
Does this even work😂😂😂
Sumit Dev (1 month ago)
The hiding part was 🤣🤣🤣
OnlyWolf (1 month ago)
Anonymous Moncef (1 month ago)
I dont know when peaple say vidio talk about hack they say fake!!
rob shymalan (1 month ago)
I love yr wonderful video. Its really helps
f u (1 month ago)
so the victims phone needs to have installed this ipcamera application,nice bro but with this i only can spy on my self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X} if i misunderstood something please comment me below;
TECH FUTURE (1 month ago)
how to hack camera in mobile
lethal m8ts (1 month ago)
fuck you with ur ip webcam
Mikey Curtis (1 month ago)
viewing devices on ur own network is a dumb idea when they aren't ur devices. sure u have every right for access to devices on the network that's made or paid by u.. but intruding privacy of another person through THEIR device is crossing the line.u can google common IP addresses for common camera models on laptops, Webcam's, cells, GoPro etc and view them... the issue is ur hacking into personal and private info. beyond ur own devices on ur own network is illegal. if I'm on ur network, ur a felon if u intrude on my device without full disclosure and consent. I'll even say, for the record, I showed my roommate, how easy it is to do (granted, yes, I technically broke the law.. and did so for him to see 5sec) only so he understood how easy and vulnerable his devices are... basically edu purpose only. next day he had tape on all his lenses. it took a lot of explanation on how that doesn't resolve an audible aspect. point being... u do anything to someone else's stuff, u can be thrown I jail. on the network u solely pay for or not. once permission is granted to ur network, they are still privately protected. fact is that u don't have to be on a local network, via cams IP. and in both scenarios of breaching their optical and audio, the law is breached.. for disclosure, if u attempt to intrude anyone's device (whether u own the network or not.. and whether they're on it or not) u broke the law. cyber retaliation is justifiable if done on the behalf of keeping the peace, as long as u were attacked first (almost like a fight in real life right?) don't be fucking idiots out there people. it's easy to counter an attack on a computer, if u know how. it's illegal if u know how and disregard the law.
Max 1boy999 (1 month ago)
76%thats not hacking its an app 20%says 20 second video is 20 minuets long 3%such a hacker 1%me
Gerald Van Der Watt (2 months ago)
This is not hacking. Why India, why?
Rebel (2 months ago)
When you swipe away the apps running in background. This app also gets closed
Jan Pohorec (2 months ago)
Hack the guy that hacked me on steam
Mohammed Akber (2 months ago)
Thank you it's really work
Leonard Pereira (2 months ago)
F******k your video
The God (2 months ago)
Umm u go thru all this to download a app?? I'm sure everyone here was looking for information where u can hack into someones camera without needing to have their phone lol... I know of apps on the Google play store that is way better than the option you're using now lol... I subscribed but now after I see u need to download a app I'm unsubscribing... 👎
John Poe (2 months ago)
Too bad I live in a rich white area and no one has a fucking Android
Onyx Gaming (2 months ago)
But can i hack someone,s phone camera without the ip camera app on there phone?
Onyx Gaming (1 month ago)
Santiago Nicolás Yes
Abhishek (2 months ago)
Channel should be named as furzi Hack(fake hack)
Acronil (2 months ago)
Please brush your teeth well....foul stench is just killing me !! One more thing...eat healthy..do exercise regularly...this will help you improve your health and your VOICE too !!
Alex John (2 months ago)
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Everything Sports (2 months ago)
EggHubs Gt (2 months ago)
20 second trick 11 minute videos
ToniToniP (2 months ago)
ok that know all humans on this planet
My Entertainment Tv (3 months ago)
Lol.. headache
Eugene Murphy (3 months ago)
If he says, "the thing" one more time....
Mohamed Kamel (3 months ago)
did u call this HACK ?? its only IPCAM App,,,,,Oh my GOD
Simon Lee (3 months ago)
Waste of time dude using app is stupidity.. Can u do with codes.. Big no to ur video
beasty Tha basic (3 months ago)
Work on speaking englesh
Vinno 34 (7 days ago)
beasty Tha basic work on spelling english
DEONNA-RAE sissy (3 months ago)
SERIOUSLY...this is not HACKED this is using an app and a good way to get caught and cause problems wit (as u say) VICTIM . AND IT SURE IS FUNNY HOW IT WENT FROM 20 SECONDS TO 11 MINUTES AND 47 SECONDS TO DO THIS!!!!! how many people out there are going to have that much time with someone else's phone without the victim knowing it wow some people never cease to amaze me.....😁 yeah you may have turned off the app running in the background so they can't see it but hey did you forget there's this thing called the icon that's going to be in their phone and they're going to know that someone has been in their phone and installed something!!!!! duh seriously hacking does not involve using a Google Play app and good luck to whoever is dumb enough to try this seriously you can't get rid of the icon and if you uninstall it guess what it's gone ... so have fun dealing with the victim once they see it on their phone. all the common sense in this world is apparently disappearing
Mari Styles (3 months ago)
Does it matter if you have Allow mock location on?
Mr Jhon (3 months ago)
hahaha so funny bro i think you don't know the exact meaning of hacking,,,,,,,
MJ (3 months ago)
What if victim uninstall the app
Pradeep Chavan (4 months ago)
its really good but not showing how to hack other person phone camera without knowing him.
SomeRandomDude YT (4 months ago)
Nah, i prefer a meterpreter session
Shivam Prasad (4 months ago)
This is not hack. This makes process. He is using an app this is not hack.
العربى يحط لايك
Mitthu MI (4 months ago)
Its not hacking
johnbilla 584 (4 months ago)
Go an study well
Stoner Mikky (4 months ago)
I was opportune to contact tbt8611@gmail.com for help the result was impressive and easy to access my target device
wonderful (5 months ago)
Is china phone more easy to hack? Apple phone is more secure?
Supreme Reign (5 months ago)
That method wont work, even when the notification is off.... the app is still visible on the menu and the task window. So i wouldnt call it a hack.
Lokesh Sharma (5 months ago)
this is shit..... if i have the victim phone then what's the matter of hack!!!! take a rest noob
Mahshook Zubair (5 months ago)
its not called hacking although its good knowledge
ShefterGamer (5 months ago)
John Poe (5 months ago)
This is not hacking. Nothing you are doing here is hacking; In fact I could barely even call this an exploit. You see, by doing this, some people will most likely think you are a hacker, and you will most likely agree with them cause it makes you seem smart. But YOU are not the hacker, the person who made the app is the hacker.
Kunal Kalita (2 months ago)
I believe this is footprinting .Which is the first thing they teach in ethical hacking courses. So, technically it is hacking and a Script kiddie is also a hacker , a lower level one. And the person who made the app would be a dalvik and Java programmer; aka an Android programmer not a hacker
John Poe (2 months ago)
SGG Syndicat3HD That’s right. You aren’t a hacker, you’re a script kiddie. You just disagree with me cause you download little exploits and call yourself a hacker. Anyone can download something of the internet, you have to be smart to make a hack. So why don’t you shut your pussy ass the fuck up you little queer. Thanks!
SGG Syndicat3HD (2 months ago)
John Poe "the person who made the app is the hacker" so basically using your logic down loading a program know to be used to hack....and you use it to hack something....you aren't the hacker. The person who made it is. 10/10 logic dude you're fucking stupid
felipe arco (5 months ago)
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ale rodz (5 months ago)
I still ton no wher dee twenttty secons are from
Inga Koltsova (5 months ago)
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Wolf Black (5 months ago)
dud phone if yall wanna test:
felipe arco (5 months ago)
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Nikhil Raina (5 months ago)
bhai ek baat bolu apne lea chota mike khareed le paise nahi h tho mujse la le pankhe ke awaaz q suna rha hai.
Rajput Nandubha (5 months ago)
ese kahete he haking
jack burak (5 months ago)
IP =
Mohit Acharya (6 months ago)
Is the victim's phone supposed to be connected to the same network?
Misko Urban (6 months ago)
its not hack
MrDoopler (6 months ago)
it's so shit
Jitter Bugg (6 months ago)
Help Me please someone hacked my camera and had photos of me on my phone taking a shit at my brothers house. 100s of selfies of me I didn't take.
Jitter Bugg (6 months ago)
My phone has a Stan on it you can see me clearly looking at my phone.
Stephen Hunter (6 months ago)
bekar video he
Oscar M (6 months ago)
Are you Indian ?
Angel Barrios (6 months ago)
Dennis Sasia (6 months ago)
ALL In 1 (6 months ago)
without touch mobile kar
ALL In 1 (6 months ago)
chutiya mat bana
Tom Bombadil (6 months ago)
Bryan Corner (6 months ago)
That fan, use a good mic atleast
Vixus - Randomness (6 months ago)
bruh no one is gonna give me their phone to download a app
Elizabeth Williams (6 months ago)
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number 1 chutiya
Arnold woodman (7 months ago)
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Mannat Games (7 months ago)
I just want to say only two words f*** o**
Raven Davis (7 months ago)
sick bitches 👎
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Ali Tanvir (7 months ago)
lol you call it hacking
BRICK HEAD (8 months ago)
Police is not gonna leave u now .
priyanka chopra (8 months ago)
if i delect this app after getting the ip adress it will work
AIR BRAKE (8 months ago)
You are such an idiot

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