Anti-war demonstrations in Germany and Russia

German anti-war protesters took to the streets of the capital Berlin to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Police say more than 100,000 people gathered around the Brandenburg Gate in central Berlin on Sunday.

The demonstrators held up Ukrainian national flags and signs reading “Stop Putin. Stop the war”. They also called for an immediate end to Russia’s aggression.

One woman said the war had been a big shock to her. She said she wanted to express her hopes for peace and show her solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

A Ukrainian woman said she was furious at Russia’s decision to invade her country for no good reason.

Meanwhile, people also staged protests across Russia on Sunday.

A number of people in Moscow laid flowers with anti-war message cards, or blue and yellow flowers representing the colors of Ukraine’s national flag, at a site where an opposition leader was killed there seven years.

Boris Nemtsov was a critic of President Vladimir Putin. He was shot on a bridge near the Kremlin on February 27, 2015.

One woman said the invasion by Russian forces prompted her to visit the site for the first time and pay tribute to the late opposition leader.

She said she cannot keep silent about what is happening in Ukraine because it is a crime.

A Russian human rights group said more than 2,600 protesters were arrested by security forces in 51 locations across the country on Sunday.

The Russian government appears concerned about the spread of anti-war protests in the country.