Biden strengthens ties with Asian allies

US President Joe Biden traveled to South Korea and Japan on Thursday. He is making his first country visit since taking office last year.

The president wants to demonstrate the commitment of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region. His aides said the visit comes at a “pivotal moment”.

Biden will meet with South Korea’s new president, Yoon Suk-yeol, on Saturday. They will address their concerns about North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

The president will travel to Tokyo. He will meet Prime Minister Kishida Fumio on Monday.

On Tuesday, Biden and Kishida will join the prime ministers of India and Australia at a summit of a group known as the Quad. They want to develop quality infrastructure and critical technologies in the region.

Biden is expected to announce the launch of an agreement called the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework.
US officials hope to develop approaches that meet high labor and environmental standards.

Chinese leaders have questioned their motives. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the development of U.S.-Japan relations should not harm third-party interests.

US officials have said they want to set the rules for the digital economy and ensure supply chains are secure and resilient.