Cabinet of Kishida approval rating unchanged at 53%

An NHK opinion poll shows Prime Minister Kishida Fumio’s cabinet approval rating at 53%, unchanged from the previous survey last month. The disapproval rate is 23%, down 2 points.

NHK conducted the telephone survey from Friday to Sunday. Over 1,200 people responded.

Among respondents who expressed support for the Cabinet, 42% said it looked better than other possible formations, while 19% said the Cabinet was made up of people from the political parties they support. Another 16% said they trust Kishida.

Of those expressing a negative opinion of the Cabinet, 38% said they did not expect much from its policies while 29% said it lacked the capacity to implement policies.

Meanwhile, 15% said it was not made up of people from political parties they support.

NHK asked respondents about their assessment of the government’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Thirteen percent said they highly rated the government’s response, while 59 percent expressed support to some extent. But 16% said they didn’t rate the answer very highly and 5% said they didn’t rate it positively at all.

As for the sanctions the government imposed on Russia, 35% said they were adequate, while 47% said more needed to be done. Seven percent said the penalties were too harsh.

Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa visited Poland earlier this month to offer support to evacuees from Ukraine. During the visit, he arranged for 20 Ukrainians to fly to Japan on a government plane.

When asked how they viewed these efforts, 25% of respondents said they strongly viewed the decision, while 51% expressed some support. Fifteen percent said they didn’t think highly of the decision, while 3% said they didn’t support it at all.

The government plans to reduce its energy dependence on Russia, which critics say could lead to higher energy prices. When asked if they supported this initiative despite the consequences, 68% responded favorably while 17% responded negatively.