Foreign ministers of Russia and India hold talks

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with his Indian counterpart, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, in a bid to maintain cooperative bilateral relations amid strained relations with Western countries over Ukraine.

Lavrov arrived in India after his visit to China, and the two ministers met in the capital New Delhi on Friday.

Jaishankar said the meeting was taking place against a difficult international backdrop. He said India has consistently supported the idea of ​​resolving conflicts and disputes through dialogue and diplomatic efforts.

Lavrov replied in English that Western nations were trying to blame all international problems on the Ukrainian crisis.

He said Russia appreciates that “India is taking this situation in full and not just unilaterally.”

Russia and India have long enjoyed friendly relations, and Russia is India’s largest arms supplier.

India has not directly criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has taken a cautious stance on imposing economic sanctions on Russia.

Lavrov then spoke to reporters about ceasefire talks with Ukraine. He said it was the first time Ukraine had put its positions in writing and that the details of the agreement should be worked out first. He said there was more to do and that Russia was preparing a response.

He said he hoped to discuss Ukrainian neutrality provided Russia’s security was guaranteed.