Kishida heads to Brussels for G7 summit

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has left for Belgium to attend the Group of Seven Nations summit, which is being held on Thursday.

Before leaving Tokyo shortly after 12:00 p.m. Thursday, Kishida revealed plans to announce new sanctions against Russia as well as more humanitarian aid for Ukraine at the summit.

He told reporters that Japan is closely aligned with other G7 member countries, and will use the upcoming meeting as an opportunity to display and express strong commitment to the framework.

He said he would explain at the summit how Japan will impose tougher sanctions on Russia and how it will offer additional humanitarian aid to show solidarity with Ukraine.

Kishida noted that Japan is the only Asian country in the G7. He said he planned to explain his discussions with the leaders of India and Cambodia when he visits those countries between Saturday and Monday.

He said he wanted to describe the proposals he made to Asian nations and explain the situation in Asia.

He added that it was essential that he help share information with the G7 leaders.

Kishida said arrangements were being made to schedule one-on-one interviews with the leaders attending the summit.

He stressed that it was important for him to confirm unity with the leadership through such meetings, which should take place as often as possible in order to build trust.