Kyiv digs after weekend missile attack

Speaking in Germany, US President Joe Biden condemned an attack on Kyiv as an act of “barbarism”.

This is after a salvo of Russian missiles shattered weeks of relative calm in the Ukrainian capital.

Officials say at least two residential buildings were hit and a nearby kindergarten was damaged.

According to the Associated Press, at least two deaths are linked to the strike.

Several others were injured, including this 7-year-old girl.

US military analysts say the attacks are likely a direct response to the G7 meeting.

A previous attack on Kyiv in late April coincided with a visit by the UN secretary general.

In eastern Ukraine, fighting remains intense even after Russian troops declared victory in Severodonetsk.

They would now use airstrikes to weaken the defenses of the nearby town of Lysychansk, which lies across a large river.

British defense officials, who are monitoring the conflict, say Russian forces are now trying to regain momentum on what is known as the northern axis of Izyum.

Meanwhile, analysts in the United States say the Russians appear to be advancing east of Bakhmut.

They say Moscow hopes to retain control of a highway leading to Lysychansk.

The regional governor of Luhansk calls on all civilians to evacuate the city.

An emergency message posted on social media says anyone who chooses to stay there is risking their life.