Tokyo confirms 36,814 new cases of COVID-19

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government confirmed 36,814 new cases of coronavirus infections on Friday. Five deaths have been reported.

The daily tally rose by 1,819 cases from the same day last week. It was the tenth day in a row that the tally was higher than the previous week.

The number of critically ill patients on heart-lung ECMO machines fell by Thursday to 26.

Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko told reporters on Friday that summer holidays and happy holidays are coming and more people will travel. She asked people to respect the anti-infection measures put in place by the organizers when participating in events. She reminded vacationers to keep some distance from others when at the beach or pool.

Koike said that at places like barbecues, people should wear masks when not eating or drinking, try not to speak loudly and refrain from eating for long periods of time.

The governor said people should get tested in advance when visiting their hometowns or meeting people who are at risk of becoming seriously ill, such as the elderly or anyone with pre-existing conditions. She said she hopes people will visit as much online as possible.

Koike urged people to ventilate their rooms frequently, even when using air conditioners. She also advised people to stay stocked with food, daily supplies and medicine in case they become infected and need to stay home.