Travel rules in Japan: wearing a mask and compulsory medical insurance

According to the latest developments, foreign travelers visiting Japan will be required to have private medical insurance, wear masks and be accompanied throughout their stay. This was recently announced by the government as it plans to gradually reopen after two years of COVID-19 related restrictions.

According to the information, only visitors visiting on organized trips will be allowed to enter during the first phase of reopening, from June 10. visitors wear their masks all the time. The JTA said in its guidelines that tour guides should frequently remind tour participants of necessary infection prevention measures, including wearing and removing masks, at each stage of the tour.

Even outside, visitors should ensure they wear masks and should continue to wear one in situations where people are conversing nearby.

As most countries open up from COVID lockdowns, Japan is also relaxing its rules. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has pledged to ensure that border measures are aligned with those of other wealthy countries.

If the reports are to come to fruition, the Japanese government has recently begun to relax mask guidelines for the general public, however, wearing masks was common in Japan even before the pandemic to prevent the spread of germs and repel pollen.

Reportedly, Japan also held ‘test tours’ of groups of around 50 people last month, who were mostly travel agents, however, one of the attendees tested positive for the virus. COVID. One of the travel agents who took part in said test tours said the rules are likely to put some people off at the moment.

  1. What is considered polite in Japan?
    Bowing is an essential part of Japanese custom to show respect, thank, greet or apologize.
  2. Is Japan friendly in English?
    Yes. Japan is welcoming to tourists with signs available in English.
  3. Can foreigners enter Japan now?
    From June 10, Japan will reopen to foreign travelers.